My Visual Resume

Madusha Cooray Visual Resume 2014 v.2



Please take a look at my visual #resume. I like to use both my left and right sides of the brain. Looking for an opportunity where I can be creative, analytical, apply both my engineering and business backgrounds. An organization that is not too big and has a great entrepreneurial culture. (Positions like: Project/Product Manager, Design Engineer, Operations Manager)

I am willing to relocate for the right job so please visit my site to view my full profile or just drop me a line.

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Web et mobile app développement

Web and Mobile appMadusha possède une expérience de plus de 7 ans de travail en développement de produits et de technologies pour les start- ups et des grandes entreprises multi- nationales , principalement dans les télécommunications , les médias et le divertissement ( jeux mobiles ) ainsi que les industries Consulting. Il a prouvé sa capacité à travailler de manière transversale avec les ventes , le marketing , les opérations, et les équipes de la technologie pour traduire entreprises de haut niveau et des stratégies de produits dans un ensemble cohérent de produits des priorités et des projets de développement de technologies qui optimisent le rendement d’une entreprise sur investissement.


Les spécialités de l’industrie de Madusha sont dans la conception et le développement matériel , le commerce électronique ( conception des produits, marketing) , jeux mobiles , la gestion des actifs numériques et la distribution , ainsi que l’amélioration des processus de services. Il a mené avec succès des projets dans toutes les phases de développement, y compris la planification , l’analyse , la conception / construction , les tests et le déploiement. Il se consacre à assurer que les clients reçoivent la meilleure valeur de ses services.


Madusha aide à maintenir l’intégrité de la stratégie, les processus, les produits et la technologie en veillant à ce que des améliorations sont apportées afin de faire face aux besoins changeants des clients . Il est également responsable de la planification d’entreprise , la mise en œuvre et d’exécution des projets ainsi que la gestion des horaires de travail pour les produits livrables.



What’s the Dealio

Have you ever tried to go out for a meal at the last minute and tried looking for cheap daily specials in your area? You open up one of those group buying applications but find that the deals are either:

– too far away and/or,
– the deals require you to pre-purchase $20 to get $40 worth of food

Though these deals are good, they require you to drive too far and spend a set amount of money on food that you might not even need or finish.

You just want a quick meal, close to your general location, without needing to pre-pay or use a coupon.

Enter Dealio. Dealio is an app that allows its users to find daily specials and deals offered by local restaurants and venues. The results are based on your current location, which allows to try out new tastes without needing to travel too far on a hungry stomach.

No coupons, no expiry dates, and no need for group buying. Just downnload the app and it will show you just where the Dealio is.

All the deals presented to you are real time, live deals that are populated by the restaurants themselves. The app finds and organizes deals by capturing your location. You then have the option to either walk or drive to a nearby restaurant that you’d like to try out.

You can rate a deal by “loving it,” make comments, add it to your personalized list of favourite deals, or share it with friends and family so everyone can share a great meal at a great price. The things you do with the app will earn you points and with enough points you can start exchanging them for a chance to win a gift card to the restaurant of your choice!

Share your own sweet deals with us and we’ll award you with more points.

This is a product platform I help build a last year. A mobile app combined with a web platform that was able to help local restaurants promote themselves. If you are looking for advice on mobile app development or web development. Please contact me for a FREE consult.